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Singing Voice Techniques

Fact or Myth?

  • Sing from the Diaphragm: MYTH! Having the same amount of air support as if one is about to say a sentence is sufficient.  Also being aware of the posture is very helpful.  If one is breathing only from the diaphragm, he/she is only singing with 50% of support.  Remember:  Shoulders back, proud chest and then allow for expansion around the rib cage and diaphragm as well.   
  • Vocal Technique is Only for Classical: MYTH! That is like saying exercising at the gym is only for ballet. Vocal lessons are for any musical style, whether it be: R and B, Rock, Pop or Blues. Vocal technique is designed so one can sing consistently and easily regardless of the style.
  • You are Born With Your Range: MYTH & FACT! How so? While your range is predetermined, 99.9 percent of singers don’t know how low or high they can actually sing. They usually think that their singing voice is only their chest voice and that’s it! They are ultimately selling themselves short!

Cracking, Hoarse Voice, Straining and/or Weakness

All these voice challenged exist because of an undeveloped voice bridge (or passagio). As you go from your lowest register to your highest, your voice will naturally shift from one register to the next. You can think that your voice is changing gears! Those shifts of registers are the bridges! With proper training and guidance you would eventually make those bridge shifts more seamless, to the extent that it will eventually sound like 1 voice! Afterwards, you will be able to sing those high notes with strength and ease due to mastering the voice bridges.

Gift or Skill?

The media has been saying for quite some time that, “You either got it, or you don’t.” While some will definitely be more inclined than others, one can always improve their voice as long as one is willing to practice. With a special selection of scales and warm-ups from a qualified singing instructor, the larynx will be able to stay more relaxed and therefore having the vocal cords move much more freely. Vague terms like, “give it more umph” or “push from your stomach” are becoming obsolete. At Pro Vox Studios, you will have clear and concise instruction, delivered in a very easy and understandable fashion. Over time, the voice can build into a strong, resilient instrument with much more to show for!

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